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Product Description

PORTAPLAYERR is both an FM RADIO & USB/SD Card Multimedia Players with Digital Selection. These amplified speakers can used as computer external speakers for an enhanced Music Experience.

PORTAPLAYER is used as table top device or used for external outdoor applications with Carry on strap .

PORTAPLAYERR is Unique with multi-music functions and so Compact !.

 Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries

They have BL-5C Rechargeable Battery Included and can be charged by any USB Charger or computer USB output.


Enjoy the news from radio stations and music from RADIO, SD Card/USB memory stick , computer or mobile phone with the Aux In


PORTAPLAYERR the Colorful Artist, has additional features like display of Radio Station , Number of SONG Selection of the Recorded music.
PORTAPLAYERR enhances the BASS, with its Passive BASS Radiator alongwith speakers thus enhancing Music experience

  PORTAPLAYERR is the COLORFUL Audio Artist !

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Rs 990/-

Rs 990/-





Rs 1150/- (with In-built 4 Hours of Devotional Content)












  Rs 1790/- (with USB CardPendrive)