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Product Description:

Whether you're a hardworking musician, studio engineer or even a street busker, mini AUDIO from OSAKIspeakers.com has something for you.  USBSOLO's  includes wireless microphones, rechargeable batteries and LED Display. They are easily transportable thanks to castor wheels and telescopic handles.


A TRADITIONAL LIVE SOUND EVENT Includes 2 Audience facing Speakers, a Single Monitor Speaker for the Musician , an Amplifier & Mixer for Inputting the Number of Input for Dynamic mics & Musical Instrument mic like Guitars

mini AUDIO USBSOLO replaces everything !


LIVE SOUND EVENTS are complete with USBSOLO.These professional PA-MI speaker systems deliver clear & balanced sound and can be set up in minutes.USBSOLO works for P.A. or M.I. Applications:It Includes Inputs for VOICE. GUITAR, CD, MP3 Player or Mobile Inputs.Audience hears what the musician hears !


Mini AUDIO USBSOLO delivers 180 degrees Coverage & has consistent tonal balance. USBSOLO's are available for variousAudience sizes from 20 people upto 500 people. USBSOLO has wide coverage and high resistance to feedback & allows you to position the speaker behind you (and hear what the audience hears!) The lightweight components connects easily without the need for Speaker stands and are buit to withstand the rigours of the road.

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USBSOLO : Rs 3500/- ; USBSOLO XH : Rs 4400/- USBSOLO XHS ; Rs 4840/-

USBSOLO PRO40 XH :   Rs 8800/-

USBSOLO PRO40 XHS : Rs 9260/-

USBSOLO PRO80 : Rs 19,600/-  ; USBSOLO PRO450 : Rs 50,000/-