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Product Description

State of the art WIRELESS-OMNI-DIRECTIONAL-CEILING speakers can be used with computer music systems, Tablets or mobiles

  • Commercial applications such as coffee shops and brand showrooms can use a single Violet wireless transmitter to talk to 20 wireless speakers. No special speaker wiring or 110V bus-bar is required. Just hang speakers from the ceiling or mount them on the walls every 10 feet, with available 230 V AC live and neutral
  • The wireless speakers work up to a distance of 40mts line-of-sight from the transmitter and hence can be used in large auditoriums, lecture halls, dining areas
  • Violet systems in conjunction with a wireless microphone and mixer have been installed in corporate boardrooms, clubhouses & as Public Address systems and for background music. As an added bonus Violet has been known to also reduce echo in these installations and can be used for Announcement as PA
  • Typical installations include:

    • Restaurant Lobbys
    • Lecture Halls
    • Reception Halls
    • Corporate boardrooms
    • Classrooms
    • Places of worship – temples/churches etc.
  • Price : USD 1200 per system


Single Transmitter -Multiple Reciever Combinations

Individual Speaker: 40Watts RMS

 Multiple Speakers for Indoor or Outdoor Environment for Enhanced Mid Experience

External Wireless Sub-woofer when Music Bass is to be enhanced as per requirement

Commercial Audio

Test Data